Kindred Spirit


A kindred spirit wanders in night looking out for a companion. His eyes filled with hope and fear at the same time; the fearful, dark, wondrous, yet a magical and hopeful background fills the room.

The white polygons, the asymmetric clouds, the soft arms and a notoriously shaped head, adds up and gives a calming effect whenever i look at this drawing. I didn’t make his expressions because it gives a sense of mystery (whats? he feeling, is he smiling inside ? or is he scared? is he just surprised? is he glad that he finally stepped outside his comfort zone? or is he just plotting revenge? no one can know for sure); and also because i am not good at drawing expressions πŸ˜›

It’s said that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Well according to me everyone interprets things differently too, kind of like the same beholder thing.

What do you see here? how do you feel when you look at this drawing?

P.S. I actually drew this in paint” on a touch laptop, rather than on my mobile with a stylus which i usually do.

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  1. Ha! He looks like an upside down dog. Very cute kindred spirit.

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    1. Sarthak says:

      Ohh ya ! Now that you mentioned it..just the smile is missing when viewed upside down to make it a dog

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      1. Lol. Wise kindred spirit knows it’s better at times to not speak. Better to have big ears instead.

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      2. Sarthak says:

        To just listen and not talk for a change πŸ™‚

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