Flame Demon

blog 3

Ahhh !!!
This sketch, it’s bold and energetic in some way (at least when i look at it).

Can you see the flames ? (imagine them in Red; hot red), now Red elicits an uncomplicated nature with a zest for life. But, red can also connote danger or threats, Also “red” is the  color of assertion, strength, romance, excitement, vitality, power and impulse

Now, although the sketch is black and white…can you imagine all this ??

can you see the look on the face of the creature controlling the fire?
Thinking RED; questions like-is he fooling around? or is he angry? is he contempt? or does he want revenge? comes to mind….

BUT… just consider everything BLUE now.

“BLUE” is color for compassion, soothing, soft, caring. Just now what do you think of this sketch? does the same questions arise to mind like with “Red” ?? (for me NO)

What do you think? Did you think of some other color? or did you see something totally different in this sketch? tell me in the comments section below {i am really interested in knowing :)}


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