Love Lantern

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So the name of this sketch is “The Love Lantern”

Lanterns are a symbol of brightness and love, similarly through this sketch i want to capture the beauty of love.

The subtle but flowing strokes all around the heart; embraces the warmth in this heart. The symmetrical design of the sketch just blends together in a somewhat poetic way <3. 

Whenever i look at this sketch; it fills me up with hope and love and makes me remember all the lovely things in my life.

that’s all….do tell me how you felt after reading all this, did you like my sketch?

P.S. I wish there was a way to add a like button on this blog 😛


2 Comments Add yours

  1. rescloset22 says:

    I love how vibrant and bold your sketches are. They also have an intricacy to them that’s not super busy or complicated, but almost soothing to loom at. Very nice.

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    1. Sarthak says:

      Exactly the same way I look at them ..thanks 🙂


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