So there’s really not much to describe here as; actually i have no idea what i was thinking when i drew this….but if i think about it; this image just gives me chills (as in cold, icy kinda chills).

Blue is my favorite color so it goes without question why i chose it 😛
The color tone here is just so stimulating and harmonious both at the same time, with glossy matte texture.
The smooth edges just reflects how slow, calm and relaxed everything is; when it’s cold.

Hmmm…..what else…..can u like see a bone in there? or do you like see something else? looking at this image from a different perspective; you can really connect it with a lock and a key in some way; as i see it !! 

well that’s about it….do tell me what you see in this drawing and your interpretations in the comments below 🙂


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